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When the European Holding Company was created it was a dream come true. Through many years of experience and development, we managed to unite and promote cooperation through the European Group of Companies, where it became a group dream.

I, and many associates, come from the field of car and scooter rental and tourism. Personally, I have years of experience in this subject, opening various rental and tourism offices in different countries, as well as choosing and importing scooters from Japan. In those years, when I went to the islands to begin rental, everyone asked who would be interested in it…and not only was I successful but have also become a source of income for many entrepreneurs since then.
This happened in approximately 1995 and since then, car and scooter rentals have flourished. With the above mentioned, I believe that I am familiar with renting cars and scooters very well, from their purchase to their availability. I have done it all my life. Many ask me, why in Munich and not in England..I reply that the company EUROPEAN CAR RENTAL preferred to be based in Munich as England is not in the common market anymore and this may have caused problems. Besides, I started in Munich and I know the situation there very well.
In closing, I believe we will have thriving growth in the company EUROPEAN CAR RENTAL and I recommend it to all those who can invest in us.


Tihomira Hristov

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